I'm a full stack web developer and mobile app developer who strives to create simple yet robust solutions to interesting problems. I'm a firm believer in using the right tool for the right job, and as a result, I am comfortable with a wide variety of technologies.

Work Experience

Software Developer

Tactica Interactive

May 2013 - Present

Full-stack web development with Wordpress and Ruby On Rails; Mobile app development using Meteor.js and the React framework; occasional system administration on Linux servers; general problem solving and a frequent second set of eyes for other developers.

At Tactica, I'm proud to say that I'm used to seeing sites and apps I've worked on advertised on billboards, buses, radio ads, newspaper articles and sometimes even movie theatre screens across Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Some recent examples of these are the Kidney Failure Risk Equation web app, and the My Autism Passport app for iOS and Android.


Thorkelson Consulting

January 2012 - April 2013

Using Ruby on Rails and some PHP, I helped develop and maintain Canada Drugs' public-facing web application as well as writing middleware to interface with back-end enterprise software.

All software built at Thorkelson Consulting was built using Behaviour and Test Driven Development, and I developed a strong sense of how to write quality code during my time there.

Freelance Web Developer


January 2011 -January 2014

I saw to completion several mostly Wordpress projects, including a Wordpress conversion of the North End Community Renewal Corporation's website.

Co-Op Student Developer

Red River College

May 2010 - December 2010

I helped develop an instructor-used quiz conversion application that aimed to convert the College's most widely used quiz instruction formats (Exam View, Question Writer, and Pearson TestGen) into the College's Learning Management Software's format (Desire2Learn).

I also implemented a complete website design refresh using a legacy custom-built Content Management System.


Ruby On Rails II Programming Bootcamp

Big Nerd Ranch | Winnipeg

July 2012

Computer Analyst/Programmer Diploma (Graduate with Honours)

Red River College | Winnipeg

January 2009 - December 2010

High School Diploma

Transcona Collegiate | Winnipeg

1998 - 2002

Professional Skills

Programming Languages

I am skilled in: PHP, Ruby, and JavaScript/ES6

I can get by in: Python, and Java


I am strongest with: Wordpress, Ruby On Rails, Meteor.js, and React

I have touched: CodeIgniter, Zend Framework, Expression Engine, and Angular.js


I really know my way around: MySQL, MongoDB, and SQLite

I have also used and am pretty comfortable with: PostgreSQL, and MSSQL Server


I've worked with a bunch of: CSS, SCSS, XML, JSON, Markdown, HAML, HTML and am pretty good with all of these things.


You can ask me about any of these things too: Git, *sh (zsh normally, but bash on the regular), User Stories, Various third party APIs (many and sundry), RSpec, Cucumber, Gherkin, and Photoshop.


Other stuff I'm involved with that may not be professionally relevant that I will invariably talk about at some point if you know me for any period of time.


I've been the lead vocalist and co-lead guitar player of this band since 2003. We're a death metal band, so we're not for everybody, but feel free to ask me if I'm insane, or how I'm still able to talk after all this time!

The Arcade (Podcast)

I've been co-hosting this podcast with my old pal Mike since early 2006. We talk about the "news of the week" from the world of video games and electronic entertainment at large, but it's really often an excuse to rant about things (like most podcasts). It used to be a terrestrial radio show before the station shut down!

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